A Better World - Volume 5

[ ] 17 greenery and connecting it with the neighbourhood surround- ings. As a result, in addition to the green space itself, Seoullo 7017 offers connections to nearby retail malls, museums, coffee shops, foot spas, performance stages, restaurants, and other buildings. This was done by connecting multiple ramps, stairs, and elevators to its structure, thus simultaneously improving the pedestrians’ experience and creating a public attraction. 7 Policy implementation and replicability Urban regeneration projects are an approach to reviving areas in decline while maintaining the existing infrastructure. These projects encourage cultural and tourism development, but more importantly, they increase the convenience for resi- dents to promote sustainable development in the city. Seoullo 7017, as an example of urban regeneration development, was inspired by the New York City High Line Park, formerly a 2.33 km abandoned highway, and rebuilt with flowers and trees to attract tourists and residents. The Seoullo 7017 itself also offers inspiration for other cities and can be replicated and adapted to local conditions. Integration of Skygarden Seoullo with the transportation system Integrated spaces designed around Seoullo 7017 Overview of Seoullo 7017, showing the extent of redeveloped area around the overpass Image: Archdaily Portal, https://www.archdaily.com Image: Archdaily Portal, https://www.archdaily.com Image: Archdaily Portal, www.archdaily.com S usta ina ble C it ie s and C ommunit ie s