By Design – Issue 50 // Fall 2020

20 COMPASS POINTE C ompass Pointe in Leland, North Carolina, is a 2,300- acre resort-style luxury community known as one of the best places to retire in the state. In 2014, it was agreed that a golf course would be the key amenity and help drive an increase in home sales. ASGCA Past President Rick Robbins, a North Carolina native, was tasked with designing the layout. His goal was to create a course that would be fun and more playable than most modern courses. However, Robbins faced several challenges. First, 600 acres of wetlands were scattered throughout the site. After working with local agencies to properly define the areas, Robbins was able to map out a layout that would protect the wetlands. Still, the design needed to address potential drainage issues. Robbins contacted Profile Products to evaluate the on-site sand for potential use in the greens mix. Financially, the cost to buy suitable sand and haul it to the property was prohibitive. The evaluation showed most of the sand was too fine for use in its natural state, and the ability for water and air to penetrate the soil would be limited unless the sand was modified to give it a more porous character. John Maeder, golf business manager for Profile Products, assisted Robbins by developing a recommendation to blend the sand with Profile Porous Ceramics (PPC) Greens Grade, an inorganic soil amendment proven on thousands of greens across the country. The PPC particle found in Greens Grade is 74 percent pore space, with 39 percent capillary (water) pores and 35 percent non-capillary (air) pores. Ideally, greens should hold the right amount of water during drought conditions but be able to drain very well during rain events. When blended with sand in a greens mix, PPC achieves this goal by improving both capillary and non-capillary performance characteristics while also increasing infiltration. PPC also adds valuable nutrient holding capabilities (cation exchange capacity) which results in Jeff Langner of Profile Products provides an insight into his organization’s role in the development of the award-winning Compass Pointe course in North Carolina. Saving sand and money Jef f Langner Jeff Langner is the brand manager for Profile Products’ golf and sports business segments. He has driven company initiatives alongside the ASGCA, GCBAA and GCSAA frequently in his 13 years in the industry. He can be reached at