Cruise & Ferry Interiors 2020

1 1 CONTENTS 140 125 115 118 Interior commentaries 98 Signs of a new cruising era: Patrick McNulty outlines how Bourne Group will help cruise companies to keep guests and crew safe and healthy 115 Exploring the open seas in luxury: Jonathan Charles Fine Furniture’s Steve Stilwell highlights the challenges of creating bespoke products for cruise ships 116 Raising the bar: Restoration provides a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution when refurbishing ship interiors, says Magicman’s Mark Henderson 117 A new use for LEDs: Gina Amies talks about Beadlight’s new air filter unit that prevents the spread of infection on ships Profiled 118 Stronger together: A look at how the Estonian Marine Initiative helps operators design, outfit and refurbish vessels 123 What lies beneath? F. Ball’s subfloor preparation products and adhesives help keep onboard carpets and flooring in excellent condition CFI Directory 125 Our guide to some of the finest companies involved in the cruise and ferry interiors sector Design Legend 140 Giacomo Mortola: CFI asks Gem’s Giacomo Mortola about his distinguished cruise interior design career