Cruise & Ferry Interiors 2020

1 6 CFI CURATED Cruise and ferry operators are creating artistic experiences A piece of art can be a versatile and attractive part of any interior design. It can serve as the focal point of a room, drawing the attention of a visitor and impressing them instantly. It can also be used to tell a story, quickly conveying a feeling or style to the guest. Recognising the power of art in interior design, many cruise ship and ferry operators are now working with renowned artists and sculptors to help them deliver an immersive experience for guests onboard their ships. MSC Cruises, for example, has incorporated art in MSC Grandiosa’s L’Atelier Bistro. The speciality French restaurant was designed by SMC Design to recall Parisian culture, and houses an exhibition of works by Edgar Degas. The artist was born in Paris in 1834 and was inspired by life in the city, producing realistic scenes of its theatres, operas and cafes. His work, therefore, conveys the feeling and impressions of Paris which have inspired the design of the restaurant. A very different experience will be created by ‘Change’, the art exhibition onboard Lindblad Expeditions’ new National Geographic Endurance. The installation will incorporate a collection of drawings, paintings, videos photos and sculptures from more than 35 artists curated by artist Zaria Forman. The collection will be the first-ever permanent ship-based polar art installation. We highlight some of the stunning artwork that features onboard some of the newest cruise ships and passenger ferries An exhibit of works by French artist Edgar Degas features onboard MSC Grandiosa Photos: MSC Cruises