Cruise & Ferry Interiors 2020

5 4 C arnival Cruise Line’s Mardi Gras will epitomise the same extravagance and fun that the New Orleans celebrations are renowned for. The 180,000gt cruise ship will become the largest vessel in Carnival’s fleet when she enters service in November 2020. But size isn’t the only thing the ship will be famous for; she will also feature the first-ever roller coaster at sea, Bolt. The all-electric ride consists of 800 feet of twists and turns which passengers will conquer on motorcycle-style seats 187 feet above sea level. The ship’s impressive exteriors and onboard activities will only be matched by her luxurious interiors. “When passengers board the ship, they will be blown away,” says Petu Kummala, senior director of interior design at Carnival Cruise Line. “The interior dynamic is very exciting and interesting – there will be a lot for the guests to take in and experience, from both the design and programming points of view. As I often say, if we can design a ship where the guests will discover something new during the last days of their cruise, we have been successful. Mardi Gras will most certainly deliver on that promise.” Arguably the most spectacular space onboard is the Grand Central Atrium. Featuring three- deck-high windows and mobile LED screens, the space is worthy of its position at the heart of the ground-breaking vessel. “Grand Central Atrium is the central point of the ship and probably the most exciting,” explains Kummala. “There is so much going on. Bars, lounges, retail spaces, multiple food options and entertainment opportunities all in one place. I don’t think there is a comparable ALL HANDS ON DECK Almost 1,000 companies were involved in providing materials and services for the cruise ship’s construction. Design note: INTERIOR V IEW Carnival Cruise Line’s Petu Kummala tells Elly Yates-Roberts how total freedom of design led to beautiful, exciting and functional interiors on Mardi Gras Mardi Gras Bolt will be the first-ever roller coaster at sea when Mardi Gras enters service in November 2020