Cruise & Ferry Interiors 2020

7 4 W asaline’s Aurora Botnia has been designed to set a new environmental and technical standard when she starts service on the Gulf of Bothnia between Vaasa, Finland and Umeå, Sweden in January 2021. Although she will initially operate using a dual-fuel and battery- powered solution, the ship will be also be primed for running on both LNG and biogas. However, she does not just have an environmentally friendly technical profile; the company has taken a green approach with her interiors too. “Eco-friendliness has been taken into account everywhere – both in the design and the use of the spaces,” says Peter Ståhlberg, CEO of Wasaline. ”For example, when passenger numbers decrease in the low season, we’ll be able to save energy by turning off lights and heating in empty spaces. We will also display our energy use and show our environmental fingerprint during the voyage.” According to Ståhlberg, the primary characteristic of Aurora Botnia’s interiors will be their affinity with the natural environment. “From the very beginning, it was obvious to Wasaline that the design INTERIOR V IEW Wasaline has set high expectations for its new ferry, billing it as the world’s most environmentally friendly vessel. Jon Ingleton asks Peter Ståhlberg for an insider’s perspective Aurora Botnia The interior design scheme in spaces like the à la carte restaurant have been inspired by the natural landscapes found in the Gulf of Bothnia