Cruise & Ferry Interiors 2020

9 2 The LED sky dome on MSC Meraviglia adapts to the time of day, transforming the space from a shopping street to a party promenade DES IGN PERSPECTI VE Timeless and memorable surprises Long-lasting designs must mix classic elegance with functionality so that guests are always able to discover something new N ow that there are so many cruise ships and operators in the market, shipowners rely on designers to create onboard spaces that stand out and make the cruise experience memorable for guests. Designers should put their own stamp on a space, but to really have a lasting impact on guests, it must also be functional. To achieve this, designers must harmonise operability and beautiful design. As a designer, we must balance the fixed elements of an owners brief with our own creative imagination. For De Jorio Design International, it is important to provide a new interpretation of the space. While it can be challenging to always offer a feeling of something new, we see it is an essential factor for success. To do this, we must first think about the space and for whom it is being designed. The difficulty comes in with the long timescale of shipbuilding – we often start designing the spaces years before the vessel will be delivered. As such, we can’t base our ideas on what is popular and ‘in fashion’ now, instead we must imagine what the target audience will be drawn to when the ship enters service. This idea of ‘in fashion’ also presents its own difficulties across different spaces. For example, small spaces like shops and bars can follow trends more closely as By Marco De Jorio, De Jorio Design International “Timelessness is something that must be built in, for example through colour and material”