Cruise & Ferry Interiors 2020

9 5 AD Associates’ bold approach to design on Saga’s Spirit of Adventure reinforces notions that the brand’s demographic is now looking for more from design does. When we are engaged to work with people as a design partner, we must try to maximise the opportunity. The financial and commercial elements are important, but they are not our priority. Instead, the focus is to take the opportunity to design something that’s fantastic, so that, when delivered, we can honestly say that we have done our best. Going in with that optimistic view – that this is a great opportunity and we are here to have some fun – influences the guest experience at the end of the chain. Design is a visual art but right now the whole world is being bombarded with imagery, which can be overwhelming. I believe that is it our job to edit this back and curate the elements that we want to explore. As we work in a commercial environment, we must use our own skill and intellect, as well as the brand’s values and ideas, to create a space that works for the brand’s target audience. Design is about decisions and good design is about making good decisions. Some brands have a well-worked- through sense of their own identity so when they come to us, they can describe what they want quite clearly. We might ask “what are you not about? What is a no-go?” It’s about being relevant and doing great work – designing for anyone is possible, it’s just about making sure that you’ve got a clear understanding of the objectives. We have found a successful strategy in listening to what people are saying and asking of us, and then immersing ourselves in the guest experience. This way, we have a better understanding of how to give people those amazing experiences and lasting impressions. CFI Chris Finch is the founder and CEO of AD Associates “Design is about decisions and good design is about making good decisions”