Cruise and Ferry Review - Summer/Spring 2020

1 6 1 A growing number of cruise and ferry companies are aiming to digitise their customer engagement processes and enhance overall service accessibility, while at the same time reducing their environmental impact. JULIA ECO, the newly released near-field communications (NFC) ticketing solution from Arti Grafiche Julia, addresses this need by replacing radio-frequency identification tickets containing plastic with 100% plastic-free NFC ticketing. The solution enables cruise and ferry operators to quickly and easily authenticate passengers and provides a flexible channel delivering up-to-date information with every tap of a mobile device to the ticket itself. JULIA ticket implementation doesn’t require any system upgrade. VisionMaster Net (VM Net) is the first bridge solution from Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine to securely connect ship navigation systems to an operator’s wider vessel network and to the shore. Designed as a modular network, VM Net radically redefines the space and location requirements for a navigation bridge, making it a more ergonomic and user-friendly space for mariners. Ship operators can use VM Net to access bridge radar information from anywhere on the vessel and securely transfer data from the ship to shoreside control centres when they need remote support and assistance. Easy ticketing JULIA’s ticketing solution is quick, easy to use and environmentally sustainable Bridging the network Sperry Marine’s VisionMaster Net provides crew with extended access to bridge radar information Marlink, a provider of end-to-end managed connectivity and IT solutions, is helping cruise and ferry operators stay connected, efficient and compliant. The company’s range of hybrid connectivity solutions provides passengers and crew with the connections they need to work and play, while ensuring online safety, compliance and performance monitoring. Its connectivity solutions for cruise and ferry customers range from satellite services such as VSAT and mobile satellite services (MSS) to wi-fi, wi-max and long-term evolution, catering for increasingly sophisticated cloud-based IT applications and crew/enterprise operations for passenger vessels. Delivering connections Marlink’s connectivity solutions allow cruise passengers and crew to stay connected