Cruise and Ferry Review - Summer/Spring 2020

EXPLORAT ION OTHER VESSELS Wherever Your Destination, SunStone Can Take You There. As you explore farther and farther into the frontier, we’re there to support you. Our clients and partners depend on SunStone’s innovation to facilitate their ongoing exploration and expansion. Our INFINITY class vessels are a leap forward in technology, design, safety and cost. Join us as expedition cruising enters the INFINITY-era. M/V OCEAN ATLANTIC M/V SEA SPIRIT M/V GREG MORTIMER M/V OCEAN DIAMOND M/V OCEAN ENDEAVOUR M/V QUEST M/V OCEAN NOVA IS THE ENGINE THAT DRIVES INNOVATION. — EDITH WIDDER, OCEANOGRAPHER — Fol low The Sun. M/V OCEAN ADVENTURER OCEAN DISCOVERER Delivery September 2022 AURORA II Delivery September 2021 OCEAN EXPLORER/ODYSSEY Delivery Jan. 2021/Mar. 2022 INFINITY-CLASS VESSELS | OCEAN VICTORY, Delivery October 2020 OCEAN ALBATROS Delivery October 2022