Cruise and Ferry Interiors 2019

KEYNOTE The quest to deliver ideal interiors Rebecca Gibson asks Christian Schönrock to share the secrets behind Costa Group’s interior design strategy N othing provides a holiday experience like a cruise on a ship, says Christian Schönrock, vice president of Newbuilding at Costa Group. “What other holiday gives you the chance to immerse yourself in nature, breathe in the sea air and watch the sun set over one picturesque city and wake up as it’s rising over another?” he asks. “Being on a ship is magical and we want to bring this experience to everyone with our ships.” Indeed, Schönrock’s mission is to offer a personalised cruise experience to each and every guest. “By creating multiple venues, we are able to satisfy the needs of different passenger demographics and target groups. We want our ships to be a platform that offers guests everything they need to have the best possible time – whether they want a quiet relaxing cruise, or one filled with non-stop entertainment and adventure,” he says. “Thanks to the large size of our ships, we have the space to incorporate play areas for young families, indoor and outdoor sports facilities for those who like to stay active, spas and wellness facilities for guests who want to relax, bars and theatres for those who want to party, multiple dining venues to suit everyone’s gastronomic preferences and so much more.” However, regardless of the number of elements onboard its ships, Schönrock says that it’s crucial that Costa Group’s guests do not feel overwhelmed. “Although our 1 0 “Being on a ship is magical and we want to bring this experience to everyone with our ships”