Cruise and Ferry Interiors 2019

4 2 Personally invested Rebecca Gibson asks executives from Holland America Group and BC Ferries what role emotion plays in interior design D esigned by Adam D. Tihany to help visitors relax and rejuvenate in tranquil and luxurious surroundings, the spa on Seabourn Ovation is popular with many Seabourn guests. It’s also a favourite of My Nguyen, director of Interior Design and Operations at Holland America Group, which operates the Seabourn and Holland America Line cruise brands. “The décor is serene and the overall environment exudes pure luxury,” she explains. “Relaxing in a deluxe spa on a high-end cruise line is my definition of a captivating experience.” Like many designers, Nguyen believes that the most powerful and memorable interiors are those that evoke emotion in those who use them. However, developing the designs that will engage everyone can be challenging. “The best way to connect design with emotion on a ship is to create an inviting and comfortable space that draws the guests in – if they enjoy their environment, they will stay and make emotional memories,” says Nguyen. “The way interior designers construct environments sets the tone for the guests’ overall experience. The average person might not be able to pinpoint why they like being in that space, but they know it just ‘feels’ right. That is the definition of a successful inviting space.” When it comes to creating spaces that will generate emotional responses from guests, FEATURE Seabourn Ovation’s spa is decorated with natural woods and neutral colours to encourage guests to relax