Cruise and Ferry Interiors 2019

9 1 INTERV IEW Carnival’s family areas now feature bright and cheerful interiors that appeal to young guests Ann Bada-Crema explains to Rebecca Gibson why Launch By Design Inc is quickly rising to success in the cruise industry A nn Bada-Crema’s most treasured memories are of walking around her father’s construction sites as a small child, exploring how art, design and structure can be combined to create different experiences. This led to a high-ranking career in the international design industry before Bada-Crema opened her own practice in Canada in 2002. Launch by Design Inc. offers interior and architectural design, strategic branding, graphic design and interactive technology development services for the marine, hospitality, retail and family entertainment sectors. Bada-Crema attributes the firm’s success to her creative and strategic approach to design. “My design philosophy blurs the boundaries between art, design, interior and exterior architecture, and construction,” she explains. “I take the ‘big picture’, develop it to the finest details and pioneer concepts that allow end users to interact with environments in a way that delivers memorable experiences.” This innovative approach won Launch by Design its first cruise contract in 2013. “Carnival Cruise Line asked us to redesign the Camp Ocean, Circle C, Club O2 and family spaces on its ships and it was a tremendous success,” says Bada-Crema. Following an easy transition to the marine sector, Launch by Design has secured further cruise projects and now specialises in cruise interior design. “Years of designing land-based venues taught me the importance of respecting industry requirements and completing projects on time and on budget without compromising design integrity – all of which is essential on ships,” she says. “I’ve also learned what people like, allowing me to predict upcoming trends and deliver the best guest experiences that stand the test of time. I’m excited to bring this expertise to cruise ships.” CFI “I’m excited to bring my expertise to cruise ships” Driven by a passion for design