Ferry Business - Autumn/Winter 2017

International Cruise & Ferry Review 68 Ferry Business FEATURE How green are ferries compared with transport alternatives? Three Northern Europe-based operators share their sustainability strategies with Michele Witthaus Erik Lewenhaupt, head of sustainability at Stena Group Veiko Haavapuu, finance director at Tallink Grupp Nigel Wonnacott, head of communications at Brittany Ferries hat would you consider to be the most significant contributions your company has made to sustainable passenger transport in recent years? Erik Lewenhaupt, head of sustainability at Stena Group: Stena Line has the ambition to become a leader in sustainable shipping, both when it comes to our ships and to our ports operations. Apart from safety, which is priority number one, we work continuously to minimise our carbon footprint in terms of air and water emissions, and to improve waste handling and support responsible consumption onboard. Our significant contributions to sustainable shipping include our methanol engine conversion project, our upcoming battery trial, shoreside electricity investments, phasing out the use of plastic disposables and using closed loop scrubbers. Veiko Haavapuu, finance director at Tallink Grupp: When the stricter Emission Control Areas (ECAs) regulation came into effect in January 2015, Tallink Grupp made a strategic decision to start using more environmentally friendly, but more expensive, low-sulphur marine gas oil and at the same time to invest in vessel monitoring systems to achieve more efficient vessel operations. Other alternatives would have been to continue to use high-sulphur content heavy fuel oil and to invest in scrubbers, which we did not consider to be a sustainable long-term solution. When we saw the first results of using the vessel monitoring systems, we decided to continue to expand the programme. Just by operating the vessels more intelligently using more data from operations, we have gained 4-9% fuel efficiency per vessel in our fleet. The transport sustainable debate