Ferry Business - Autumn/Winter 2018

International Cruise & Ferry Review Ferry Business 70 hen it comes to innovation, the ferry industry has an interesting story to tell. To an outsider, it is not known for pushing the agenda when it comes to onboard passenger experiences or below deck advancements. However, delve a little a deeper and it’s surprising how much time and detail goes in to elevating the overall passenger experience. “The phrase we kick around internally is the low friction experience,” explains Mark Collins, president and CEO of BC Ferries. “We want our ferry service to be frictionless – an easy to use and convenient experience for people. For example, check-in is a heavily scrutinised part of our business – can it be automated? We could do away with the From environmental initiatives to going a step beyond with onboard furnishings, three ferry CEOs tell Sam Ballard what they’re doing to make their services better for everyone ROUNDTABLE ”We want our ferry service to be frictionless” Mark Collins, BC Ferries Leading by example