Ferry Business - Autumn/Winter 2019

ZINC THERMAL SPRAYING: CORROSION PROTECTION OF STEEL AT SEA • Proven long-term corrosion protec- tion of steel in marine environments • Extremely abrasion resistant • Application in shop or field • Superb adhesion to steel • Excellent base for paint • Instant drying • Significant life-cycle cost savings through minimal maintenance • Duplex coating with paint provides even more protection • There are ISO and ASTM standards for thermal spraying (ISO 2063- 1, ISO 2063-2 and ASTM B833-13) INTERESTED IN EXTENDING THE CORROSION PROTECTION ON YOUR SHIP WITH A DUPLEX SYSTEM AT NO EXTRA COST? The International Zinc Association offers ship owners a unique opportunity to demonstrate the long-term corrosion protection provided by thermal sprayed zinc (TSZ) and top coating. Further information at: WWW.THERMALSPRAYZINC.ZINC.ORG