Ferry Business - Spring/Summer 2019

International Cruise & Ferry Review 90 Ferry Business he purpose of any trade association is surely to make a difference. That is certainly the clear objective of the networking and lobbying mission at global ferry trade association Interferry, where the tireless work of our safety, security and regulatory affairs committees is paying industry-wide dividends. Environmental regulations are currently at the core of our consultative status at the International Maritime Organization (IMO). Our most recent interventions have profoundly supported the ferry industry’s long-term viability, particularly regarding the IMO’s ambitious carbon reduction targets. I must stress that Interferry and our members applaud efforts towards a greener planet and relish being seen as exemplary environmental stewards embracing new technology. However, we also advocate that any measures must recognise the sector-specific design and operational requirements of ferries. To this end, we have gained IMO acceptance for crucial changes in how the Energy Efficiency Design Index is applied to ro-pax and ro-ro vessels. This includes a 20% correction to the calculation formula and agreement that the original improvement targets of 10% by 2015, 20% by 2020 and 30% by 2025 – subsequently tightened for some other ship types – should remain in force for ferries. We now intend to address various regulators on potential moves to mandate ‘slow steaming’ speed reductions, which we consider much less feasible for short-sea timetables than for deep-sea schedules. Meanwhile, ferry operators are setting the pace in implementing alternatives to heavy diesel fuel, with diverse solutions such as low-sulphur diesel, LNG, electrification and hybrid systems. Beyond this, Interferry is Working to make a difference Interferry CEO Mike Corrigan reflects on a hectic round of activity devoted to crucial industry issues Mike Corrigan A Canadian former energy industry executive, Mike Corrigan became Interferry CEO in April 2017 after 14 years in senior posts at BC Ferries – one of the world’s largest ferry operators – culminating with five years as president and CEO. COMMENTARY Interferry Security Committee visiting the CalMac terminal in Brodick on the Isle of Arran in Scotland