Ferry Business - Spring/Summer 2019

Viewpoint – Read how PXP can help your Cruise business on page 194 The payments platform for the Cruise industry Getting paid is a critical function for any business and the cruise industry has special requirements which a payments partner must be able to support. PXP can increase your efficiency through payments: • Multi-Channel integrated payments solution • Increased security and reduced PCI liability • Point-To-Point encryption • Enabling a quicker, streamlined check-in process • Enhancing your guests experience • Multistage authorisations • Multicurrency • DCC • Store and forward processing • Mobile POS Call +44 (0) 844 209 4370 www.pxpfinancial.com sales@pxpfinancial.com twitter: @pxpfinancial PXP Financial The End-to-end payment platform Whatever your business needs today or tomorrow, PXP Financial’s innovative payment platform will support your business growth with all of the payment services you will ever need from one source, wherever your business takes you.