Golf Course Architecture - Green Pages 2019

8 INTURF I nturf has been involved with Carnoustie for 15 years and has seen significant progress over that time, plus the sheer hard work and effort that goes into preparations for two Open Championships, not to mention numerous other tournaments. The skilled and highly-motivated team at Carnoustie puts a lot of emphasis on producing one of the most challenging and best golf courses in the world with its constant appetite for changing and improving the golfing experience. It takes years to hone this practical expertise and vision of exactly what the golfer requires to get the balance of making the round almost too difficult, yet not impossible. We started by supplying our Masters turf, a blend of slender creeping red fescue and chewings fescue, for Carnoustie’s own turf nursery. That eventually gets used for building bunkers and on other areas of the course including bunker surrounds, fairways and spectator areas. Another turf type, Classic turf, containing dwarf perennial ryegrass and fescue grasses, has been used as well over the years, for areas that need slightly better durability, for instance on Perfect Carnoustie Alex Edwards, joint managing director of Inturf, provides an insight into the constructor’s work at the Open Championship venue