Golf Course Architecture - Green Pages 2019

9 some walkways that are not necessarily in the eye of the camera, but play an important role nonetheless. All of the turf is grown to the very highest greenkeeping standards at one of our three turf production nurseries in East Yorkshire, North Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. These sites have been chosen for the finest soil types, semi-arid climate and infrastructure. Our strong partnership has proven to stand the test of time, which is underlined by our length of service for the club. In the same way, our turfgrass products have been useful in many aspects of golf course preparation and helped in the planning and implementation of certain projects, allowing them time to construct and establish areas that otherwise might not have been ready. Congratulations to Sandy Reid, Craig Boath and his team, who took on one of the ultimate and enviable jobs in the industry. We wish everyone at Carnoustie all the very best in carrying on the good work. For more on Inturf, turn to page 51 or visit Inturf has been involved at Open venue Carnoustie for 15 years Photos: Inturf