Golf Course Architecture - Green Pages 2020

12 ZL INE BUNKER SYSTEMS National sales manager of ZLine Bunker Systems Casey Jones discusses the firm’s role in renovating the golf course at Westin Kierland Resort Working in the desert T he journey for this project began in June of 2018. We were invited by golf course architect Scott Miller and director of agronomy Dan Figueras to install a demo bunker for testing in preparation for the planned renovation that had been scheduled for June 2019. The Westin Kierland Golf Club is a 27-hole course managed by Troon Golf that features three nines, each showcasing their own distinct character. Designed by Miller, the sweeping scenery creates challenges of its own, as golfers must play around serene lakes, dry desert washes, and flowering Arizona flora and fauna. After enduring 23 years of monsoons, thunderstorms and haboobs in the desert, the bunkers at Westin Kierland were due for some updates and rejuvenation. Miller was also making adjustments to the bunker sizes, eliminating bunkers that were out of play and had become costly to maintain and strategically placing new bunkers to address today’s modern golf game. Some people may wonder why bunkers need liners in the desert if it never rains. The fact is, desert courses are faced with a unique set of circumstances that must be addressed. In this case, the bunkers were very deep, featuring very high flashed sand onto steep slopes. This led to the issue of the bunker sand continually slipping down the slopes, requiring constant attention from the maintenance team. In addition to the sand displacement, erosion from irrigation water and weather events caused native soils to mix with bunker sand and slowly start to deteriorate the quality of the sand. ZLine Bunker Systems has completed the first phase of installing new liners and sand in the bunkers at the 27-hole Westin Kierland Resort in Arizona Photos: ZLine Bunker Systems