Golf Course Architecture - Green Pages 2020

23 MI KE GOGEL GOL F DESIGN Room for improvement at The Views 2020 will see golf course architect Mike Gogel embark upon a challenging redesign project in Arizona T ucked into the foothills of the Santa Catalina Mountains, The Views Golf Club in Oro Valley, Arizona, laid out by Greg Nash in 1986, has been regarded by locals as one of the best places to play in the Tucson area for the last 30 years. But when the time came to improve its greens, a tight budget presented architect Mike Gogel with some unique challenges. “We had to be very judicious in how we designed the project to accommodate their goals of improved infrastructure without breaking the bank,” says Gogel. “Currently, the greens are relatively small, with roughly 45,000 square feet of usable area on 75,000 square feet of greens for the whole course. And with a 1980s design that emphasised heavy slope, the limited footprint is further compromised.” Gogel says that they’ll add options for some Sunday pin placements for tournament play by softening green contours and expanding square footage. “We’ll increase the greens 25 per cent or so and, in the process, we’re actually going to be adding numerous hole locations that they’ve never had before,” says Gogel. “There will be opportunities – the tenth green is a good 20 or 25 feet from the bunker – to connect the greens complex and bring the bunkers more in play than before.” Gogel says that the limited budget is not the only challenge. The use of effluent water impacts agronomic decisions, a relatively new irrigation system means the construction crew can’t bulldoze at will, and greens are to be built to a California method rather than the usual USGA specification. The project will begin in April 2020 and the course is expected to be ready for play in October. For more on Mike Gogel Golf Design, turn to page 62 or visit The second hole at The Views and, right, a visualisation of how it will look after Gogel’s renovation work Photos: Mike Gogel Golf Design