Golf Course Architecture - Green Pages 2020

JANSEN GOL F Perfect practice GCA Green Pages hears from Paul Jansen and Dave Pelz following their partnership to create professionally-designed Pelz Player Golf facilities W hen NASA scientist-turned-golf coach Dave Pelz transformed his three-acre estate into a sustainable green facility, where it’s possible to play almost every golf shot, it was described at the time as ‘the world’s greatest backyard’ by The Wall Street Journal . Pelz wanted to design and build a series of artificial greens using synthetic turf that would provide a real golf experience for Tour players he coaches, like Phil Mickelson. After years of research, testing and consulting, he developed a system of turf substructure called ShotStopper – the secret behind his backyard and Pelz Player Greens. The patented substructure disperses and absorbs ball energy, allowing for a variety of shots. The result is a facility that allows for repetitive play in high wear areas with minimal cost and maintenance, plus a realistic experience. Recently, Pelz has teamed up with golf course architect Paul Jansen to deliver professionally-designed Pelz Player Golf facilities. Jansen has produced sustainable golf developments and, like Pelz, is a strong advocate for reducing the environmental impact of golf courses. Pelz Player Greens require little watering, spraying, cutting or chemical input. The greens can also capture and harvest natural rainfall resulting in designs that are totally water independent. Jansen said: “The time that I’ve spent with Dave talking about course design and how it relates to the short game has been fascinating. Dave is passionate about delivering facilities that guarantee fun and realistic practice play! “I am excited by the potential to design and build Pelz Player Greens facilities in every imaginable location including indoor and outdoor short game practice areas, short layouts, and putting courses. They are perfectly adaptable to large and small or awkward areas with limited infrastructure. We can use our design skills and creativity to create some remarkable places to practice and play.” Pelz said: “I am excited about releasing my Pelz Player Greens technology that has been tested by top Tour players for 10 years. Our results have shown that playing and practicing on these greens offers better results than real grass environments. We now have several major Tour win titles to prove it. “Paul and I will design golf facilities using this technology that will help golfers have fun, while improving their game. Using synthetic turf that I have developed in conjunction with SYNLawn and my ShotStopper technology, we are committed to ensuring that these facilities require limited maintenance and are eco-friendly, lasting for many years.” For more on Jansen Golf Design, turn to page 58 or visit Photo: Paul Jansen 25 Pelz Player Greens allow for a variety of shots, repetitive play in high wear areas, minimal cost and maintenance, and a realistic experience