Golf Course Architecture - Issue 54: October 2018

13 TEE BOX > TPC Colorado ready for opening The new TPC Colorado golf course has the McNeil Reservoir and Rocky Mountains as a backdrop for many holes, including the tenth, pictured Photo: Russell Kirk T PC Colorado, a new golf course in Berthoud, USA, is scheduled to officially open for play in October. Designed by Art Schaupeter, it is the first new course to be built in Colorado for ten years. Developers Jon Turner, Chris Frye and Jim Birdsall of Heron Lakes Investments tasked Schaupeter with the creation of a course that would work as the centrepiece of their 800-acre Heron Lakes master- planned community. “Jon Turner asked me to start developing final design and construction documents in January 2015,” said Schaupeter. “We spent all of 2015 on the design and redesign process as the project evolved into a TPC- network course.” The course can be played from 4,157 to 7,991 yards. “There are seven sets of tees, with the front two sets generally located in the fairways,” said Schaupeter. “This creates a very playable course for the players using these tees as they don’t have to worry about carries across hazards or native grasses. The set up will give players some options and variety of play. “While length is a consideration in the design of each hole, it is width that is the more important dimension to consider when trying to create interest and enjoyment of the golfing experience,” said Schaupeter. “The width serves two purposes. First, it enhances playability by minimising the potential for lost balls. Golfers will discover that they have a lot of room laterally off the tee on most holes to find the fairway. Where most courses have 25-35 acres of fairway allocated in 25-40-yard-wide ribbons, this course has 55 acres of fairway with many holes having fairways with upwards of 60-70 yards of width. This should speed up play as it minimises looking for balls in the longer rough or native areas. “Secondly, width provides the creation of multiple lines of play offering strategic options for the golfers to consider. The wider fairways will allow for daily variety in how to best play the various holes and reward the frequent player with a little advantage in terms of local knowledge. They will also be important in keeping this course playable with the periodic breezes that blow across the course. The width of the holes will enhance the overall sense of adventure, discovery and enjoyment for the golfers. “The green surfaces, which vary in size from 5,000 to 11,500 square feet, have been designed so that as the hole is moved around to different locations from day to day, the strategy of the hole changes as well. The wide fairways create a larger range of potential angles of approach to the green, which, when combined with the diversity of shapes, sizes and contouring of the green surfaces, will add to the daily variety and interest in play. The green surfaces have subtle breaks and plateaus that enhance the need to learn and understand how best to approach them depending upon the hole location at the time. They generally pitch in two to three directions, emphasising the