Golf Course Architecture: Issue 55 - January 2019

35 Construction of the new nine-hole Tabori Hill golf course in Tbilisi, Georgia, is complete. The Golfplan design is now in the grow-in phase and expected to open in spring 2019. The course is part of the Tabori Recreation and Golf Resort development and is located on a ridge overlooking the city and adjacent to the Tbilisi Botanical Garden. “This course is all about preserving the natural environment and taking advantage of the sweeping views,” said Kevin Ramsey. Photo: Kevin Ramsey – Golfplan Construction work complete at new Tabori Hill course in Georgia Harradine Golf has designed a new 18-hole golf course as part of the Capital Smart City Islamabad development project in Pakistan, with construction work expected to begin in January 2019. Capital Smart City Islamabad is an initiative of Future Developments Holdings, a developer of new state-of-the-art smart cities operating in Pakistan. According to Harradine Golf, small valleys and rugged terrain provide a design challenge – the site has up to 30 metres of elevation change. On a recent visit, Peter Harradine said: “Absolutely fantastic, it’s unique! I’ve never worked on a site like this and I am very, very happy to be here.” Photo: Harradine Golf Harradine Golf designs new course in Pakistan Grassing is almost complete on eighteen holes of a new 27-hole layout created by Nicklaus Design for Royal Auckland and Grange Golf Club in Auckland, New Zealand. The new club is a result of the 2017 merger of the adjacent Royal Auckland and The Grange clubs. “The courses were separated by an estuary and there was no physical link between the two. A whole brand-new master plan was put together rerouting both courses and moving the clubhouse and maintenance facilities,” said Chris Cochran, senior design associate at Nicklaus Design. Photo: Royal Auckland and Grange Golf Club New course takes shape for merged New Zealand clubs