Golf Course Architecture: Issue 55 - January 2019

59 as we expect quite a lot of play on the new course and don’t want that to be interrupted by work on the second course. What other projects do you have in progress, or in the pipeline? Lundin : We have quite a few actually. We are working on the details for a project on a sandy site in the south of Sweden. If all goes well, we might start construction of the golf course in early 2019, but there are a few obstacles to clear yet. Planning is there but we want to ensure 100 per cent funding is in place. The site has potential to be a very special place. Apart from that, we are bidding for work in Middle East, Caribbean, Latin America, Scotland and Norway. It’s quite a good spread but for us it is important to do very few courses at once. Henrik wants to be, and is, heavily involved in the process and we think we only have time for one project in construction and one on the drawing board at any given time. Aside from Scandinavia, where in the world do you think a Stenson golf course would be particularly well received? Stenson : Everywhere! Seriously, we believe that we can create courses anywhere in the world. But it is all about working closely with our clients to ensure their vision is accomplished. I think my skills are suitable for a links course. Both me and Christian would take on that challenge very seriously. Also, I have spent a lot of time in the Middle East and I do believe that our brand would do very well in that region. Lundin : I also think that Henrik’s mentality and approach to the game would be very much appreciated in new markets such as Latin and South America. They don’t deserve to be cluttered by the same courses as have been done all over the world already. They deserve a new, fresh approach. I think the same mentality would bring something new to American country clubs. There has been a change in that market the last few years with Gil Hanse and others. I think that is great! GCA HENR I K STENSON & CHR I ST I AN LUND IN Photo: Jonas Alvsten “It is all about working closely with clients to make sure their vision is accomplished”