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he dual island nation of Trinidad

and Tobago is primarily known

for its major festival – Carnival

– which has been dubbed as

the ‘biggest street party in the

world’. However, the country’s rich

culture and heritage, ecotourism and

cuisine ensures a myriad of exciting

experiences, sites, attractions and flavours

are available to cater to the varying

preferences and tastes of cruise travellers.

As a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural nation

with a profound history, Trinidad and

Tobago is known for its rich heritage and

festivals, a natural by-product of the country’s

diversity. With the influence of the African,

Indian, Chinese, Portuguese, Syrian, English,

French and Spanish settlers rooted in the

food, dance, festivals and music of its people,

Trinidad and Tobago is a cultural melting

pot offering an old world charm to visitors

looking for a unique Caribbean experience.

The country boasts a variety of museums,

historic buildings, cultural sites, restaurants,

bars and street vendors.

Trinidad and Tobago is also an award-

winning eco-destination offering plenty for

nature seekers and adventure lovers. Very few

places in the world can boast the biodiversity

that exists in such a relatively small land

space, including ecotourism sites such as

the Caroni Bird Sanctuary, the Asa Wright

Nature Centre, Point a Pierre Wild Fowl

Trust and Yerette. These sites provide nature

lovers with an inside view of hundreds of

species of native birds, butterflies, flowering

plants and reptile species, creating an

ecotourism experience that is unmatched

anywhere else in the Caribbean.

Adventure activities on the island include

zip lining over forest canopy, hiking

through pristine tropical rainforests and

drift diving along undersea trenches lined

with colourful coral. Visitors can embrace

the natural environment of the islands

and enjoy the beauty of the destination.

Furthermore, due to the islands being

situated outside the hurricane belt,

Trinidad and Tobago is one Caribbean

destination that is not typically prone to

hurricane damage.

The destination ensures cruise passengers

are afforded several amenities and activities

during their short visit, including quayside

entertainment, wireless internet access,

destination information, brochures and

packages and the presence of visitor guides

who are trained specifically to meet and

greet cruise passengers in the downtown

Port of Spain area.

Visitor guides help make cruise passengers

as comfortable as possible by providing

information on shopping facilities, events,

attractions and historic sites or providing

assistance to the elderly, differently able and

families with young children.

As a destination with a multitude of

tourism sites, attractions and activities to

satisfy the tastes of the most discerning

of travellers, and with plans to further

develop the local cruise sector, Trinidad

and Tobago is moving full steam ahead to

become a cruise destination of choice.


The southernmost destination in the Caribbean chain, Trinidad and

Tobago provides cruise visitors with a host of exciting attractions


Two islands, two

distinct experiences

Trinidad and Tobago’s festivals are world renowned