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of their tours and create exciting and

innovative products to enhance the

cruise guest experience has also helped

to increase Martinique’s attractiveness.

This is bolstered by initiatives from the

Shopkeepers’ Association to improve

their quality of service and sales towards

passengers, including running English

classes for their staff and actively

promoting more widespread acceptance of

US dollars.

Increased awareness of Martinique

among the population has also been

achieved thanks to more regular

communication on the economic impact

of the cruise industry with the support of

the local media, for instance the ‘Builders

of Paradise’ awareness campaign launched

in 2010 by the Martinique Tourism

Authority and Martinique students’

regular participation in the FCCA

Essay Contests. A series of educational

initiatives implemented by the Martinique

Tourism Authority and the School

Academy to arouse tourism awareness

among young students has further

increased awareness.

Furthermore, there’s been a sharp

increase in local consumers taking a cruise.

Last season, nearly 30,000 Martinicans

took a cruise from Martinique with MSC

Cruises, Costa Cruises and Pullmantur,

thus increasing homeport traffic and

generating greater awareness of cruise

tourism among the population.

No doubt this conjunction of

initiatives will continue to enhance

customers’ satisfaction and make

Martinique a leading cruise destination

in the Caribbean.


”Martinique has

experienced an


800% increase

in its cruise

passenger arrivals

since the 2010-

2011 season”

Martinique is now one of the fastest-growing cruise destinations in the world