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Complex product structures and production

processes in the food and beverage industry

make a process-oriented and integrated concept

in product development indispensable. Object

Solutions’ OS-PLM extends product data

management (PDM), which manages data at

all stages and areas of the product lifecycle,

to a comprehensive and cross-functional view

of all processes and associated data that are

involved in the product lifecycle – from concept

to marketplace. Food producers must maintain

and manage consistent, complete and accurate

product information in a central internal system

to ensure food regulatory compliance.

With the OS-PLM solution, information

about products and production processes

can be centralised and optimised within and

beyond the enterprise. This enables companies

to respond quickly to market changes,

meet customers’ specific needs and develop

innovative, high-quality products in the shortest

possible time in order to increase sales. The

integrated data management reduces production

and administration costs while minimising risks.

In order to achieve competitive advantages

over competitors, as well as long-term market

success, companies must apply an integrated

approach to all aspects of their product

development. Through project and portfolio

management, companies can create a global

project framework, which can easily be adapted

to regional and local needs. With OS-PLM,

specification and recipe data can be managed

and adjusted in a comprehensive and cross-

process system, and standardised specifications

ensure compliance and traceability, and can

be used efficiently in different regions and

languages. Food producers can guarantee the

traceability of accurate and complete product

data across the entire supply chain with effective

supplier management. Standardised templates

for packaging and labelling ensure compliance

with applicable regulations and can be reused

efficiently. Furthermore, the transparent and

comprehensive management of product data

ensures quality, safety and compliance in

product development.

Manufacturers must implement a product

lifecycle management solution company-wide to

be able to introduce innovate and cost-effective

products faster into the

market, and to achieve the

highest possible return.

This integrated approach

allows for comprehensive

management of data

in all phases of the

product lifecycle –

from concept to


Solution profile

Product data management


Object Solutions’ system supports innovative food and beverage

manufacturing – from concept to marketplace

Key features

• Project, resources, specifications and recipe


• Global regulatory compliance