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Siemens PLM Software: Smarter decisions, better products.

Great moments in product decision-making.

An automaker releases a new sensation...

because an engineer re-used an old design.

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Answers for industry.

Every great product is the product of great decisions. Not just

the big defining moments, but the millions of decisions that

lead up to them. Anyone can make the decision that makes

the difference in your product’s success. The engineer in

Evansville. The machinist in Munich. The supplier in Shanghai.

For leading companies throughout the world, Siemens PLM

Software is an essential platform for collaborative product

decision-making. Our solutions give everyone involved in

making your products “high-definition PLM.” HD-PLM

ensures that people get the information they need, when

they need it—with absolute clarity—to make more informed

decisions faster.

No matter what industry you’re in—automotive or

aerospace, electronics or energy, marine or medical, machin-

ery and more—Siemens PLM Software helps you make the

smart decisions that go into making great products.

Learn more at

Siemens PLM Software provides a common decision-making

platform that understands the cross-functional dependencies in

your product lifecycle process. This helps ensure that everyone gets

the information they need in the proper context to make more

informed product decisions.