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track record for yielding a highROI for companies

that have implemented it. Discuss the potential

ROI and the ROI that current clients have expe-

rienced with potential document management

vendors. You can bring this important informa-

tion back to the higher-ups at your company to

help get buy-in from senior management. Sit

down with vendors and make a list of areas where

your organisation may be losing money that can

be reduced or eliminated (i.e. printer ink, manila

folders, toner, filing cabinets, etc.).

How can I get the most out of my system

across the enterprise?

Document management

systems aren’t just made for accounts payable,

but are often able to be scaled to other depart-

ments. If it’s important to you that your system

be used by additional departments, like accounts

receivable and human resources, make sure you

discuss that with vendors.

How user-friendly is the system?

It’s impor-

tant to know whether or not you and your staff

will have to dedicate hours, days or months to

training on the new system. Can training be

done with online resources? Classroom sess­

ions? In-person, one-on-one training? Make

sure that you plan accordingly and talk with

vendors about how the process has gone with

other similar clients.

While these questions are just a starting point

in your search for a document management

solution, it’s important to know ahead of time

what the unique needs and processes of your

business are and how you can get the most from

your new system. Being an informed buyer will

help assure that you get buy-in from staff and

senior management, stay within budget, meet

your company’s goals and avoid that dreaded

buyer’s remorse!

Alyssa Kadansky is the marketing

communications specialist at Metafile

Information Systems