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anish reseller and managed service pro-

vider extri:co has successfully offered vir-

tual machine (VM) backup and recovery

services in its hosted cloud to companies of any

size for a number of years.

The majority of extri:co’s customers run their

VMs on-premise and use Veeam Backup &

Replication for local backup and recovery. They

also use Veeam to transfer backup copies to

extri:co’s hosted cloud.

With more companies requesting 24/7 avail-

ability and wanting to keep part of their data

centre operations on-premise, extri:co saw an

opportunity to grow its customer base by offer-

ing hybrid cloud backup and recovery.

In order to do this however, extri:co needed

a secure, scalable and high-performing public

cloud that offered predictable, affordable pricing

and reasonable service level agreements (SLAs).

The company selected Microsoft Azure due to

its high performance and fast, scalable, easy-to-

deploy services.

“We knew Microsoft Azure would work with

our customers’ existing IT assets like no other

cloud,” said Michael Thorstensen, co-owner and

infrastructure consultant at extri:co. “Veeam had

already made it possible to achieve new levels

of availability by extending backup to Microsoft

Azure, so we knew we’d be able to simplify hy-

brid cloud for ourselves and our customers. We

have complete trust in both companies.”

Tonny Sewohl, an account manager at extri:co,

said there are several reasons why Veeam and

MicrosoftAzure are a perfect pairing for customers.

“On the Veeam side, multi-hypervisor support is

crucial because our clients run Microsoft Hyper-V

and VMware vSphere,” Sewohl explained. “End-

to-end encryption is crucial too. Our clients know

their data is encrypted on site, during transfer

and in the cloud. On the Microsoft side, Azure is

affordable and scalable. Customers only pay for

what they use – we scale up or down to match their

demand. Another plus is SLAs. We were so pleased

with the SLAs that Microsoft Azure extended to us

that we in turn extended them to our customers.”

Thanks to the combination of Veeam and

Microsoft Azure, extri:co’s customers have the

assurance that data can be moved quickly and

restored just as quickly. Thorstensen himself uses

Veeam to copy backups securely between his

on-premise VMs and Azure-based repositories.

He said recovering from backups in Microsoft

Azure is just as easy.

“One of our customers in the construction in-

dustry accidentally deleted databases from a VM

running Microsoft SQL Server and panicked,” he

explained. “We used Veeam to restore the whole

VM from a backup copy in Azure very quickly

and without disrupting business operations.”

Thanks to the hybrid cloud offering, extri:co’s

customers benefit from 24/7 availability, com-

plete visibility and control of backups, and re-

duced risk of data loss.

“Veeam and Microsoft Azure have helped open

up new opportunities and newmarkets that enable

us to grow revenue,” Thorstensen added.

The combination of Veeam and Microsoft Azure helps extri:co expand into new markets

Expanding the business

to enable growth