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emote workers are a tremendous asset to busi-

ness, but they also bring inherent challenges.

Whether they’re a home-based employee, a

field operative or an independent contractor, they’re

likely to need access to your resources and systems

– often through their own device. That can mean

savings in overheads and technology investments

for the organisation, but it also brings the challenge

of making sure your data and resources are secure,

no matter what device is used to access them.

There are a couple of things you can do to add­

ress that challenge. An acceptable use policy, in-

cluding routine software updates and spot-checks

by the IT department, is essential, but it doesn’t

help you to make sure that things like installed

third-party software aren’t compromising your

data security. And while a virtual desktop infra-

structure can give remote workers access to the

same operating system images and apps, these

often entail significant investment in server hard-

ware, storage and networking infrastructure, as

well as a single point of failure that can cut all your

remote workers’ productivity to zero.

A more reliable and cost-effective approach is to

provide a ‘PC on a stick’ usingWindows To Go – an

asset thatmany organisations already have as part of

theirMicrosoft volume licence – and theMicrosoft-certified IronKey Workspace. This enables a ful-

ly manageable operating system image based on

Microsoft Windows 8, Windows 8.1 or Windows

10, complete with your applications, security con-

trols and access policies, all on a secure USB drive.

IronKey Workspace plugs into any computer’s

USB drive, blocking the internal hard drives on

the host computer to keep the organisation’s

assets separate while enabling users to access a

secure, up-to-date work environment that com-

plies with your security and use policies. Wheth-

er the user is on their own device at home or on

a public computer in a coffee shop, they will be

working on a trusted, IT-managed workstation –

even if they have no internet connectivity.

Telefonica Germany is a great example. When

it needed to reduce staff desks and provide

portability and remote access without impacting

user experience, productivity and security, it chose

IronKey W500 with management. The result was a

reduction in seats from one per worker to one per

1.5 workers, with each IronKey device deployed

saving it more than €2,500 over three years.

With Windows To Go, organisations can make

sure the mobile workspace is as secure and com-

pliant as the office desktop. It’s a way to empower

workers with anywhere productivity and realise

significant cost savings, while safeguarding sensi-

tive data wherever it goes.

Tav Venia is senior sales systems engineer for the

US Federal Government at IronKey

Securing your

mobile workforce

As more organisations embrace mobile working and bring-your-own-device,

IronKey is enabling them to deliver a secure, managed Windows workspace

for workers anywhere




“With Windows To Go,

organisations can make sure the

mobile workspace is as secure and

compliant as the office desktop”