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o compete in today’s world, you need your

people to be able to work, connect and

collaborate effortlessly, wherever they are

and whether they’re on a desktop, laptop, tablet

or smartphone.

The adoption of cloud services enables true

collaboration. Cloud collaboration services

mean lower cost, faster delivery and they’re truly

variable. But what does this really mean for you?

Your people can work together more effec-

tively, wherever they are and whatever device

they’re using. You can increase productiv-

ity, reduce costs and provide a seamless end

user experience. But do you have the skills

in-house to achieve this? To take advantage

of the opportunities offered by these emerg-

ing technologies, whilst also realising existing

infrastructure investments?

You need to take a holistic approach to all

the technologies at every stage of your jour-

ney. That means you need technology partners

with the right interdisciplinary skills to advise,

integrate and run them, freeing up time for

you to do what you do best.

You need to make sure these services and

others work in the right way for your business.

And that’s what our team of professional service

experts at BT Advise can help you achieve.

We help you understand how to make the most

of new technologies and trends, without wasting

any previous investment. And we don’t just give

out great advice; we’re with you from start to fin-

ish. We help you understand your present state,

consult with you to set your vision and strategy,

create a roadmap for transformation – all before

helping implement the solutions across your or-

ganisation and managing them in-life. And we

pull in BT’s portfolio of solutions along the way.

For example, with BT One Cloud Microsoft,

you can bring together the familiar experience

of Skype with the security, compliance, and

control of Microsoft Lync in a new Skype for

Business proposition. This allows you to very

easily engage in conferencing sessions with

anyone – including customers or partners out-

side your organisation. And we provide this as

part of a complete solution – from instant mes-

saging, presence, desktop, sharing and crystal

clear conferencing to bring landline, mobile

and VoIP together.

What’s more, BTCloud Connect ExpressRoute

with Office 365 brings you as close as you can

get to having Office 365 in your own data centre.

This allows you to truly capitalise on the mobile

and collaboration opportunities that can help

you stay one step ahead of the competition.

Ray Stanton is vice president at BT Advise, the

professional services team at BT

Turning technology

into success

BT Advise, the professional services team at BT, is collaborating with Microsoft

to help people work together far more effectively – wherever they are, and

whatever device they’re using




“We help you understand

how to make the most of new

technologies and trends, without

wasting any previous investment”