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portfolio will be aligned to our strategic direction as a

productivity and platform company.”

Microsoft’s developments have huge implications

for the retail and hospitality industries, and

will benefit businesses and customers alike.

“Connectivity and access to information benefits

everyone,” explained Brendan O’Meara, managing

director of worldwide retail at Microsoft, in an

interview with Speak. “Shoppers in particular are

thirsty for information that helps them make better,

more informed buying decisions that are not just

based on price, but on the entire value proposition.

Convenience is a big part of this – both in terms of

helping customers find what they are looking for,

when they want it and how they want it.”

From enhanced data visualisation applications

and rich mobile experiences to modern

productivity platforms, Microsoft and its partners

are providing the game-changing solutions needed

to capitalise on trends such as the internet of

things, big data and omni-channel.

The following pages provide an overview of

how Microsoft is delivering on its commitment

to innovate across each of its product groups and

how its developments are impacting retail and

hospitality companies worldwide.

Microsoft is aiming to be the company and ecosystem that ‘reinvents productivity for a new generation’