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Operating Systems

With its rich application platform and a touch-first user interface, Microsoft’s

Windows operating system enables new mobility and productivity scenarios

for retail and hospitality workers

In October 2014, Microsoft revealed details of

its newWindows 10 operating system (OS).

Packed with advanced features that have been

specifically designed for business users, Windows

10 has an updated user experience, as well as new

enterprise-grade security, data protection and

management capabilities.

“Windows 10 represents the first step of a

whole new generation of Windows, unlocking new

experiences to give customers new ways to work,

play and connect,” said Terry Myerson, executive

vice president of Microsoft’s OS group.“This will

be our most comprehensive OS and the best release

Microsoft has ever done for our business customers,

and we look forward to working together with our

broader Windows community to bring Windows 10

to life in the months ahead.”

Windows 10 also marks the return of the

operating system’s famous start menu. The feature,

which was a key component in Windows 7, Vista

and XP, was dropped in Windows 8. Now, it’s back,

although it has been updated to reflect the operating

system’s evolution. Most notably, it combines

aspects of the classic Windows 7 start menu with the

modern Live Tiles user interface that was introduced

in Windows 8. On the left hand side, the menu is

very similar to how it was in Windows 7, Vista and

XP, but on the right hand side a new space has been

added for users to customise with their favourite

apps, programmes and websites that are displayed in

the form of Live Tiles.

According to Microsoft, Windows 10 has

been designed to be the greatest platform yet for

business users. “It’s not just more familiar from

a user experience standpoint,” said Jim Alkove,

who leads the Windows enterprise program

management team. “We have built so much of what

businesses need right into the core of this product

– including enterprise-grade security, identity

and information protection features, reducing

complexity and providing a better experience for

the modern needs of business.”