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elcome to the

Retail and Distribution Global Outlook

. With its new CEO firmly in

place and a ‘mobile-first, cloud-first’ philosophy underpinning its solution strategy,

it is an exciting time for Microsoft, its partners and the customers they serve.

Thanks to the rise of trends around mobile, cloud, social and big data technologies,

customers today expect a shopping experience that is omni-channel, experience-centric,

personalised, always-on, and offers a variety of ways to make and collect purchases, and

consume services. They want flexibility, convenience and the opportunity to interact with

a brand in the way that they want, when they want.

As outlined by CEO Satya Nadella during 2014, Microsoft’s mobile-first, cloud-first

approach is helping businesses to identify and meet the needs of the modern consumer.“In

this cloud-first, mobile-first world, Microsoft is absolutely focused on empowering people

to get more done wherever they need to and on any device,”Nadella said in a press briefing,

and nowhere is this more relevant than the retail and distribution industries.

In this definitive guide, we provide an insight into the latest Microsoft technologies that are

making waves across the retail, consumer services, distribution and hospitality industries,

helping businesses to improve the customer experience and enhance engagement and loyalty.

Over the following pages, we take a look at how the innovations being made by Microsoft

and its partner ecosystem are helping businesses to stay agile in this competitive industry

and continue to exceed their customers’ expectations. In our viewpoint section, find out

about the latest industry trends and the impact they’re having on businesses across the

industry. You can also read some of the best examples of how retail and distribution

companies are benefiting from cutting-edge technology implementations, and learn about

the many enterprise technology offerings currently available on the market.

Finally, our comprehensive partner directory provides detailed business information

about some of the most innovative IT solutions and services providers in the industry

across the globe, helping you to make positive and informed technology investment

decisions for your own company.

I hope you find this guide a valuable and informative resource.


Meeting the needs of

modern consumers