The Record - Issue 17: Summer 2020

43 Scott Wharton Vice president and general manager of Logitech Video Collaboration “A billion people started working from home practically overnight, and they are relying on cloud-service providers like Microsoft to keep them connected. Logitech is fortunate in that we’ve been able to help people in several ways. We’ve been long time champions of a work-from-anywhere philosophy, and our products like webcams, headsets, keyboards and mice all help make the remote experience more enjoyable. So we’re trying to help people adjust, not just to the technical aspects of working remotely, but also the cultural pieces. From a product standpoint, we provided free webcams and headsets to teachers who might not have the right tools to teach online. We also equipped hospitals around the globe with video conferencing solutions to help support their telehealth efforts. And culturally, we launched a remote work resources web page to provide helpful pointers for those who are working from home, learning from home or supporting home learners.” “The work-from-home trend has never been as prominent or as widely used as it is now. Paperless automation technology, like MetaViewer, is allowing organisations to continue their operations in the face of Covid-19 by providing increased visibility into business processes and procedures to prevent delays in operations. It is also facilitating enhanced compliance and security, so employees have secure and safe anytime, anywhere access to documents and information. The result is less down time – allowing employees to continue to do the work they do without missing a beat. Ultimately, having automated workflows means that documents can be routed to the appropriate approvers completely without paper, so no office visits are needed. This empowers today’s remote workforce to stay up-and- running, no matter where their offices may be.” Alyssa Putzer Marketing communications specialist for Metafile Information Systems Melissa Topp Senior director of global marketing at ICONICS “As a global automation software developer, ICONICS has provided solutions for our customers’ wide range of applications for over 30 years. During times of difficulties, such as the recent Covid-19 pandemic, we work with our customers and partners to determine the best combination of technologies to solve their immediate needs. One example is our IoTWorX solution for industrial internet of things connectivity, which provides ICONICS’ data visualisation, archiving/retrieval, analytics, and mobilisation applications over the cloud via cloud service providers such as Microsoft Azure. Another is our CFSWorX connected field service tool, which offers a ‘remote expert’ mode where remote technicians can assist an on-site colleague (as well as tie into enterprise resource management systems such as Microsoft Dynamics 365). IoTWorX and CFSWorX are two key examples of ICONICS solutions geared toward business continuity, providing remote, cloud- driven, multi-site-based capabilities.”