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ith a vision to revolutionise human

interactions using mobile solutions,

Mobile Technologies Inc (MTI) –

which has over 850 employees spread across four

locations – has established itself as a pioneer in

mobile device display technologies.

Operating in an industry like this requires

a huge amount of flexibility as designs can go

through multiple iterations during development.

However, until recently, MTI’s engineering

change order (ECO) process was largely man-

ual. “Initiators were literally running around the

office to collect all required signatures,” explains

Anna Toloeva, system integration lead at the

company. “We were rarely able to collect all

required signatures in a timely manner and so

ECOs often created significant delays.”

What’s more, the ECO log, which was a manu-

ally maintained spreadsheet, did not show all part

numbers under revision. “This meant that two

people could change the same part numbers under

different ECOs without knowing it,” Toloeva says.

On top of this, MTI’s ECO process was time

and cost intensive. “And that’s just the tip of the

iceberg,” Toloeva explains. “Our systems didn’t

integrate with our Dynamics AX software, we

faced many documentation issues and our quot-

ing process took days. Collaboration was weak

– a big issue considering how geographically

dispersed we are.”

With all this in mind, MTI looked to Bluestar

PLM, a Microsoft partner focused on product

lifecycle management (PLM) solutions integrated

within Microsoft Dynamics AX. “The team

at Bluestar PLM impressed us,” says Toloeva.

“Having a solution running from AX meant that

we wouldn’t have to learn a whole new system. It

would also make future upgrades easier because

everything is contained in one place.”

The implementation took five months from start

to finish. “It included the install and configuration

of Bluestar PLM inside AX, customising a lot of

features to meet our needs and creating training

documentation,” explains Toloeva. “We also did

on-site training in our US and Hong Kong offices.

“The biggest challenge was the amount of code

that we needed to generate and insert to cus-

tomise the process to fit our needs. For example,

there was specific AX data that needed to be

updated upon ECO implementation.”

The results have been worth it. “We achieved

our goals,” Toloeva says. “We’ve reduced time

spent on ECO processes by 80%. We’ve reduced

document control time on ECO tasks by 60%-

80%. We’ve achieved multi-site engineering col-

laboration and created one central place to store

and manage our data. And we have true revision

and lifecycle control.

“We are very happy. Communication and col-

laboration was very smooth and we’ve had great

support during the implementation. We look

forward to working with the team at Bluestar

PLM long into the future.”

Using Bluestar PLM’s solution running on Microsoft Dynamics AX, Mobile Technologies Inc

has reduced time spent on engineering change order processes by 80%

More efficient

engineering change