The Record Issue 10: Autumn 2018

32 www. t e c h n o l o g y r e c o r d . c om COV E R S TOR Y Key Microsoft partners present their take on the technologies that are having the most impact on business now and in the future Partner perspectives Fast, safe and simple Transforming the way we travel Service availability, security and performance are at the heart of digital transformation, says David Williamson of EfficientIP Mobile ticketing solutions need to be connected if they are to function properly, says PayiQ’s Tuomo Parjanen In a digital-first world, companies of every kind need to manage increasing network complexity and security concerns while delivering the fast, slick experience their customers and employees expect. More devices are connecting to the internet, and more services and applications are being offered. That brings huge increases in the volume of exchanges between devices and apps, along with network fragmentation as mobile devices connect to services from diverse locations. As they strive to ensure high performance, organisations face the challenge of managing a dynamic and expanding IP network across high-volume, virtualised servers in the cloud, while ensuring rigorous security across the network infrastructure. EfficientIP has long expertise in supporting organisations to rise to the challenge, bringing innovative solutions to simplify and secure their networks. Our solutions enable holistic visibility of the IP network so companies can identify any discrepancies. Our DNS cache appliance is the world’s fastest, with the capacity to securely handle more than 17 million requests per second, and we have developed special facilities to protect our customers’ DNS infrastructure. Close integration with Microsoft DNS-DHCP solutions and the Microsoft Azure cloud make it simple to use EfficientIP with these technologies, so organisations can drive business efficiency through network services’ availability, security and performance. David Williamson is CEO of EfficientIP There are a lot of different mobile ticketing solutions available for buying public transport tickets or tickets for various events and other admission fees. The problem is that most of the ticketing solutions are sporadic and dedicated to buying tickets for just one service. Also, there aren’t many operators who offer more than one payment method. The lack of established international standards results in a situation where cross-border sale is virtually impossible. Both operators and end users would benefit greatly if one app could be used to offer and purchase products and services in several countries, with a variety of payment methods to choose from. PayiQ’s solution to facilitating different needs involves open interfaces that provide an easy integration to existing services of MaaS operators’ own applications, like MaaS Global. Tuomo Parjanen is CEO at PayiQ