The Record Issue 10: Autumn 2018

51 P ROF I L ED : S I EWE R T & KAU G erman hardware and software provider Siewert & Kau distributes cloud services to an extensive network of resellers and other partners. To ensure that it provides these partners and resellers with the best possible experience, the company is always on the look out for new technologies that will improve how it delivers cloud services. When the company decided to automate its Microsoft cloud services delivery channel, Siewert & Kau wanted a fully integrated solu- tion that could handle high transaction vol- umes from its established reseller network and support future growth. It chose to implement the automated Cloud Distributor Solution from Microsoft partner The implementation was carried out in sev- eral phases to ensure a seamless transition to the new model and to mitigate the risks that typically arise during complex, large-scale projects. First, rolled out the Cloud Distributor Solution at Siewert & Kau’s premises, carrying out training sessions for employees soon after. Next, the solution was deployed to support production operations, customer orders, an online portal and partner activities. The system became fully operational in early 2018. ValueAdded Services (VAS),’s Germany-based business partner, provided sup- port throughout the entire project, ensuring that Siewert & Kau’s needs were fulfilled and that the solution was implemented within the desired time frame. Siewert & Kau’s new cloud platform has enabled it to empower its network of resellers to transition from traditional distribution channels and use powerful tools to improve the processes for sub- scriptions, automated provisioning, billing, and invoicing of cloud services. In addition, since it began using the automated business processes integrated in the platform, Siewert & Kau has significantly increased cus- tomer satisfaction and raised overall business productivity by at least 40%. “With, we have laid the foundation for a successful and constantly growing cloud business,” says Thorsten Daniels, managing director of Siewert & Kau. “Thanks to the fully automated platform, combined with the valuable support VAS is providing, we’re now able to offer our resellers and Siewert & Kau partners innovative solutions and services that will meet the cloud business requirements of the future.” The platform helps German hardware and software provider Siewert & Kau automate Microsoft cloud services delivery channel for its reseller network Modernising cloud service delivery