The Record Issue 10: Autumn 2018

53 applications to work together to get tasks done faster and more efficiently. While technology will enable organisations to reduce e-mail use, their biggest hurdle will be helping employees to overcome the associ- ated cultural changes. It has been done before – think about how enterprise voice services on smart devices have largely replaced the tele- phones that were on every desktop 10 years ago. However, e-mail is much more ingrained, so the cultural change will have to cross many barriers if it is to be truly replaced by intelli- gent collaboration tools. Changing the way we work will be challenging, particularly because the new collaboration technologies disrupt the comfort of current work practices. Employees often resist new technology, so top-down support is essential. Once senior management has led the way by integrating the technologies into their daily lives, changes can be implemented through new IT and human resources (HR) policies. Staff at all levels can then act as evangelists for the power of the new technologies to improve best practices and in time, the culture of work. It’s critical that the business, HR and IT man- agement teams work together to support and implement the cultural changes that intelligent collaboration brings. Business transformation should start small and grow over time – the expectation is that it takes two to three years for people to fully understand the benefits of using e-mail less and adopting new working practices. E-mail will be here for many years, but its usefulness is questionable. Companies should start now by getting executive sponsorship and participation from their customer experience officers downwards to effect cultural change. They should define best practices to use these technologies effectively and ensure the HR and IT teams support and manage the change programme. Finally, they should switch off legacy collaboration systems as they go. Keith Hudgell is global lead for Workforce Collaboration, Unified Communications and Employee Productivity Services at DXC Technology “Changing the way we work will be challenging” Intelligent collaboration Files Sites Content Inner loop People you work with regularly on core projects Outer loop People you connect with openly across the organisation Ubiquitous for targeted communications O u t l o o k / G m a i l / O t h e r s T e a m s / S l a c k / H a n g o u t s C h a t Y a m m e r / W o r k p l a c e / C h a t t e r