The Record Issue 10: Autumn 2018

Make it simpler and safer to manage your highly-regulated logistic processes ™ The AX for Pharma Advanced Warehouse Management module integrates with Microsoft Dynamics AX to support the needs of highly-regulated industries. To excel in today’s highly competitive market, your company needs a flexible and integrated warehouse management solution. AX for Pharma supports all industry-specific logistic processes , helps you receive, pick, pack and deliver your products easily and quickly, with fewer errors along the way. Having an advanced warehouse management system that also integrates with your ERP system has been an ultimate desire for this industry. The AX for Pharma Advanced Warehouse Management module makes this desire a reality. The module integrates with Microsoft Dynamics AX, the ERP suite from Microsoft , and makes it simple to manage complex activities; helping you to boost productivity, reduce costs, shorten order fulfillment times, and increase customer satisfaction in a GMP-compliant way . Complex logistic processes can only be managed efficiently and safely if all required functionalities are integrated within one reliable system and if data is available in real-time. AX for Pharma guarantees information flows easily through your organization, giving you better business insight, control, and supports your growth . On top of that, the Advanced Warehouse Management module is fast to deploy, easy to use, and very scalable. The Advanced Warehouse Management module supports your logistics processes with extensive functionality for product receipt, put-away, picking, transfer, consumption against production orders, label printing, and real-time information for inventory on hand and lot/container status. It also integrates seamlessly with the AX for Pharma Weighing & Dispensing module . The fundamentals of warehousing never change, but the need for real-time information, efficiency and mobility have never beengreater. TheAdvancedWarehouseManagement module enables a completely paperless warehouse and supports all your logistics processes . It gives your company: • Faster order cycles • More control over the movement of materials • Improved visibility of inventory • Reduced inventory and labor costs • Increased data and order accuracy • Streamlined processes • Shorter (and more accurate) cycle counts and physical counts • Improved warehouse reporting. Ready for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations Inventory control and management The Advanced Warehouse Management module makes inventory management a faster, easier, and safer task by providing real-time information. It is designed to control all of the warehouse’s activities, in order to track every unit in the warehouse at any stage of the order. Because of this, companies are able to respond quickly to the demands of their customers with exact information on their product. Streamline processes and inefficiencies The Advanced Warehouse Management module covers both inbound and outbound processing. This includes sales orders, purchase orders, and transfer orders. In addition, warehouse operations are supported for cycle counting, inventory movements and adjustments, weighing and dispensing, and production operations. Reduce operational costs The Advanced Warehouse Management module can ensure that expiring or perishable inventory is picked up first, thus saving products from going to waste. By ensuring that all the products are stored correctly and used in the right order, waste can be minimized. leading to a more balanced inventory. Strengthen logistic compliance Whether materials are entering the warehouse, being shipped out, or being moved around, companies have to meet increasingly stringent codes of compliance. The Advanced Warehouse Management module strengthens these capabilities, ensuring companies are able to comply with regulatory mandates while being able to trace specific components. Reduction in inventory paperwork Implementation of the Advanced Warehouse Management module will significantly reduce the paperwork associated with warehouse operations, as well as ensure timely and accurate flow of inventory and information. Reports, tickets, packing lists, etc., can all be maintained electronically. Solution Benefits