The Record Issue 11: Winter 2018

127 CM FS MR PS RH FS FS Redgate Mary Robbins, Product Marketing Manager Tel: +44 1223 437922 Redgate is a Microsoft SQL Server tools vendor that makes simple software used by over 800,000 IT professionals. Redgate’s philosophy is to design highly usable, reliable tools that elegantly solve the problems businesses face every day in managing and developing their databases. The tools integrate with, and plug into, a company’s existing infrastructure and enable them to introduce DevOps to their databases and, at the same, meet increasingly strict regulatory pressures surrounding data privacy. As a result, more than 100,000 companies use products in the Redgate SQL Toolbelt, including 91% of those in the Fortune 100 group. VeriPark Ceyhun Dograyan, Marketing Executive Tel: +90 538 2328057 Global solutions provider VeriPark helps businesses to become digital leaders via its Intelligent Customer Experience suite. From its offices in the US, UK, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East, VeriPark collaborates with clients to develop innovative technology strategies and solutions that enhance customer acquisition, retention and cross-sell capabilities. The company provides its secure and scalable Customer Relationship Management, Omnichannel Transaction Management, Branch Automation, Loan Origination, Next Best Action (built on Microsoft Azure Machine Learning) and Customer Insights solutions. VeriPark’s end-to-end customer experience solutions empower businesses to place the needs of customers and partners at the core of their digital transformation. Willis Towers Watson Vanessa Osgood Tel: +44 1737 828607 Willis Towers Watson is the world’s largest provider of actuarial software and has been developing technology solutions for more than 40 years. The company’s products are created by drawing upon the combined insights and expertise of more chartered actuaries and risk analysts than any other professional services company. Willis Towers Watson helps more than 950 clients in over 60 countries by combining innovative actuarial thinking with technology expertise to help them measure value, manage risk and safeguard solvency. Learn on Demand Systems Laura Faughtenberry, Director of Marketing Tel: +1 512 806 1159 Learn on Demand Systems (LODS) is a hands- on learning services organisation dedicated to supporting and transforming the way in which technology and computer software knowledge is transferred, measured and assessed. In the last 12 months alone, they have launched over two million labs and delivered over 20,000 classes to more than 300,000 students worldwide. LODS focuses on empowering learning through the platform by doing strategic partnerships, unrelenting innovation, thought leadership, best practices and managed services. Meshcrafts Paal Christian Myhre, COO Tel: +47 928 84588 Meshcrafts delivers an open market platform for electrical vehicle charging. The SmartCharge platform is a turnkey solution for charging infrastructure. SmartCharge connects all stakeholders in the electric vehicle market and enables anyone to operate and control a charging infrastructure. The interface enables the easy management of infrastructure, including price management, load balancing and remote upgrades. Real-time communications between the electric vehicle, the charger station and the grid operator open new business opportunities such as virtual power plants, using the vehicle battery for energy storage. Meshcrafts’ SmartCharge app guides drivers to available chargers and is available on all platforms. PayiQ Tuomo Parjanen, CEO and Senior Partner Tel: +358 500 528295 PayiQ develops cloud-based intelligent mobile ticketing, payment and validation solutions for smart cities, transport operators and event organisers around the globe using Microsoft Azure technology. The company’s solutions provide end users with a seamless way to travel door-to-door by giving them the freedom to combine various means of transport and services in one transaction using their mobile phones. The open ecosystem enables end users to choose from a wide range of payment methods. They can combine different services, such as those provided by route planning services, shared car and bike operators or event organisers. CM FS MR PS RH MR CM PS RH