The Record Issue 11: Winter 2018

41 to the cloud and help them integrate new ser- vices and innovations, such as artificial intel- ligence and machine learning. Our goal is to ensure that enterprises reap the cost, operational efficiency, productivity and revenue generation benefits of the cloud. How is DXC collaborating with Microsoft in this endeavour? Microsoft is a key strategic partner for the Migration Factory, so we collaborate with its product, engineering and architecture experts on market trends, field experience, Microsoft Azure features and more. We also collaborate on the training curriculum and sandbox testing environments, as well as hackathons and client events. Together, we’re driving innovation in terms of accelerators, enhancing existing cloud services and accelerating client migrations. What feedback have you had from clients using the Migration Factory in India? DXC has successfully completed platform and analytics workload-type migrations for many years, but we consistently hear from clients that the new factory approach, accelerators and collaboration with Microsoft is much more attractive to them. Sales cycles on this type of initiative typically last for months, but our clients want to start migrations within weeks because our offering is making their lives easier. How will the Migration Factory evolve over the next 12-18 months? We’ve already onboarded several hundred people at our factory in India and we’re aiming to have trained around 1,000 by March 2019. As part of our expansion plan, DXC recently announced the opening of additional Migration Factories in two major markets – Warsaw, Poland and Manila, Philippines. All three factories will be supported by client-facing experts that can be used during the consulting and design phases ofmigration projects. In addition, DXC will strengthen our collabora- tion with Microsoft to ensure that we are jointly providing the types of data, analytics and cloud migrations services that will help our customers to innovate on a continuous basis. Our respective cloud and platforms experts will develop better ser- vice offerings and accelerators and run more hack- athons for clients. In the future, we will increase focus on specific industry-based projects. DXC Technology officially inaugurated the Microsoft Azure Migration Factory in September 2018