The Record Issue 13: Summer 2019

110 www. t e c h n o l o g y r e c o r d . c om S uccessful banks have always been the ones that forge value-added personal rela- tionships with their customers, which is why it’s crucial to ensure that they deliver the perfect initial customer onboarding process. Customers tend to drop out at the onboarding stage if there’s a long-drawn-out process where they are required to answer the same questions multiple times and produce several documents. Consequently, banks need to optimise their procedures to deliver a quick, effective and intuitive experience. One way to do this is to develop a banking mode based on innovation and digital trans- formation. That’s exactly what global finance corporation ING Turkey aimed to do when it entered the Turkish market in 2007. However, because ING Turkey entered the market via a merger and acquisition, it had to contend with challenges caused by decades-old legacy sys- tems. The main issue was that the poor user experience offered by the existing IT infrastruc- ture made it impossible for bank staff to deliver truly compelling user interactions. “The user experience with our legacy systems was a significant issue,” says Bahar Savaş, senior vice president of Application Development Core Banking at ING Turkey. “As a bank focused on digital transformation and innovation, we rely on creative people. Thus, we needed to attract new talent and we had to offer people new and intui- tive software. Meanwhile, we spent a considerable amount of time on training people and improve ourselves in terms of employee turnover.” ING Turkey established a core set of goals to help it achieve its digital banking vision. First, it wanted to improve the user experience for its employees and make operations and processes more intuitive. “We wanted a solution that was so simple that an employee could start using it without training,” explains Savaş, adding that the bank also wanted the application to facilitate information sharing between its headquarters and branches. The bank’s second goal was to implement an IT environment that would deliver a high level of performance and security. The old legacy appli- cation was built using the client-server approach, so the bank wanted the new service-based archi- tecture to drive increased agility and flexibility to support digital transformation initiatives within the bank. However, the main goal was to deliver a fully digital customer experience that resulted in improved customer engagement and made it quicker to onboard new clients. VeriPark’s integrated branch automation solution helps ING Turkey to cut customer onboarding times to just six minutes Expediting banking processes P ROF I L ED : I NG TUR K E Y