The Record Issue 13: Summer 2019

136 www. t e c h n o l o g y r e c o r d . c om F E ATUR E Connecting P ublic service provision has undergone radical upheaval in recent times, with gov- ernment agencies, healthcare providers and educators all facing the challenge of doing more with less. At the same time, citizens expect increasing efficiency, more information and greater transparency around the services they are ultimately paying for. Smarter, more flexible and more efficient working is essential to provid- ing secure, citizen-centric services, and artificial intelligence (AI) combined with mobile technol- ogies are helping to achieve it. Across the world, public sector organisations are using Microsoft technologies to empower their people through connectivity. For example, when the State of Michigan’s Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) found that antiquated processes were preventing its child welfare case- workers from working efficiently, it turned to AI and mobile technologies to make their jobs easier. HHS child welfare workers faced several chal- lenges: caseworkers were unable to begin investi- gations within 24 hours, they didn’t have a direct process for reporting work back to supervisors, and supervisors couldn’t track employees in the field. By deploying a mobile app and Microsoft Power BI dashboard, HHS has empowered case- workers to initiate an investigation, check in and out during a home visit, take notes, and upload and tag documents using their mobile devices. Reports are sent directly to supervisors so they can track the lifecycle of child welfare cases. Safety in the field is also increased, as casework- ers can easily call 911 if necessary, and set a timer during home visits. Power BI provides insights to help HHS iden- tify any issues, and Microsoft Azure allows it to choose the correct applications to solve problems. A hybrid solution and a citizen-facing inter- face are now in development, to give citizens a 360-degree view of healthcare options and a more holistic view of the benefits available to them. Security and compliance are key concerns for government organisations as they seek to con- nect disparate services while protecting sensitive data. When the US state of Louisiana decided to revamp its call centre operations to better support the wide variety of services its citizens require, it worked with Microsoft partner YoungWilliams to implement Y-Trac, a cloud-based dynamic case management solution. The solution seamlessly integrates with existing state systems, the contact centre and electronic document management systems to bring all inbound and outbound com- munication channels into a unified workflow, task and workforce management application. Data analytics enable the solution to recognise every action that is not automated and requires human intervention, so the system can prioritise and route tasks to the appropriate person or group. BY J ACQU I GR I F F I THS Government agencies, healthcare providers and educators are using innovative cloud and mobile solutions to connect their people and meet increasingly high citizen expectations people and services