The Record Issue 13: Summer 2019

144 www. t e c h n o l o g y r e c o r d . c om V I EWPO I NT Why pharmaceuticals should choose the cloud MA S S I MO RUOS I : AX FOR PHARMA Using cloud-based enterprise resource planning systems can help life sciences companies achieve security, privacy, transparency and compliance H eld back by cumbersome legacy IT infra- structures that are complex, expensive and inefficient to run, many pharmaceuticals are struggling to respond to the dynamic shifts in drug supply and demand driven by globalisation, increasingly complex supply chains, the growth of personalised medicines, and cost and price pressures. Stricter regulations and requirements, as well as the need for drugs to be tracked across the entire supply chain to address the increasing risk of counterfeit products, are also highlighting the need for better control in manufacturing and distribution processes. To alleviate the operational and supply chain challenges, a growing number are turning to cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. Cloud-based ERP platforms give phar- maceuticals the tools they need to streamline pro- cesses, increase efficiency and reduce costs, while ensuring patient safety, product quality and data integrity. Plus, they facilitate rapid on-demand scalability and significantly lower costs because pharmaceuticals are no longer paying to install and maintain large and expensive IT infrastruc- tures that need updating regularly. AX for Pharma for Dynamics 365, for example, meets the full range of ERP needs of pharma- ceuticals, with integrated systems for laboratory information management, manufacturing exe- cution in modules like Basic Pharma, Advanced Quality Management, Weighing and Dispensing, and Advanced Warehouse Management. The solution also leverages Microsoft platforms to support additional modules for managing specific processes, such as procurement, inventory, clini- cal trials, plant maintenance, administration, sales and more. By running all these modules and storing all the associated data on AX for Pharma’s cloud- based platform, pharmaceuticals can quickly gain complete control over their entire manufac- turing, warehouse and distribution, and supply chain processes. Users can also build dashboards to gain instant access to data about how their business is performing against key performance indicators and corporate goals. For example, they can see information about the supply chain, products, customer interactions and sales, allowing them to pinpoint critical issues,