The Record Issue 13: Summer 2019

34 www. t e c h n o l o g y r e c o r d . c om “The last time we experienced such a technological shift was with the arrival of the internet itself” A lot has changed in the last decade since Microsoft first began working on its enterprise cloud strategy. “Most enter- prise organisations now agree that the cloud has become a core element of any enterprise’s technol- ogy strategy and has evolved from being an ‘if ’ to a ‘when’,” explains Schuster. “Today, we are often told that migrating IT workloads to the cloud ranks among enterprises’ highest priorities. The top questions we hear are, ‘How do I start?’, ‘How should I build a plan for cloud migration of my entire portfolio?’ and ‘How will my organisation be affected by this change?’ – a stark contrast from the primary questions a few years back of ‘What is cloud?’ and ‘Why do I need it?’” This aligns with recent Forrester Research pre- dictions that enterprise adoption of cloud mar- ketplaces will grow quickly from 29% to 75% in the next two years. “There is a growing realisation across global enterprises that cloud computing not only represents a set of technical opportunities for efficiencies and cost savings, but also provides the potential to significantly transform the scope of enterprise computing in general,” Schuster says. “Many, if not most enterprise organisations are finding that cloud computing offers entirely new business models, revenue streams and vehi- cles for customer connections. The last time we experienced such a technological shift was with the arrival of the internet itself, and today, there isn’t a successful business out there that doesn’t benefit from the internet. Today, customers and partners want to understand and to benefit from the unique capabilities and specialisations of Microsoft’s cloud offerings.” Enterprise organisations increasingly want to learn, try and buy cloud technologies from Microsoft and its partners in order to transform their business – and Schuster says there are sev- eral reasons for this. “Our cloud solutions are designed to serve customers of all sizes with the broadest catalogue of enterprise software solu- tions from both Microsoft and our extensive Gavriella Schuster, Microsoft’s corporate vice president of the One Commercial Partner organisation, considers the role of the cloud today and how it will evolve in the future BY L I ND S AY J AME S COV E R S TOR Y evolution cloud The of the