The Record Issue 13: Summer 2019

55 transformation efforts. “They need to be open and identify the risks within their business, particularly looking at the apps that employ- ees use in the cloud and where data resides,” Chapman explains. “It’s then time to start researching solutions, identifying a budget and analysing the costs associated with managing multiple platforms and solutions. Chapman says that, in many cases, alternative cloud-based technologies can be cost-effective. “In an age of cloud and mobility, it’s important that firms look at the solutions that enable the greatest flexibility – threats will only exacerbate in the future, so organisations need to be pre- pared,” he says. Solutions that deliver cloud-based network secu- rity offer advanced protection by blocking threats in the cloud. “They never enter the corporate network, so they protect users, whether they are working remotely, from a branch office, or inside your corporate network,” Chapman explains. The bottom line, Chapman says, is that busi- nesses are rapidly adopting digital technologies, but one breach could destroy their business and their brand, especially in an era of growing dig- ital distrust. “Businesses that put security at the core of their transformation initiatives will emerge as the winners,” Chapman concludes. “But secur- ing the network has changed significantly. More SaaS apps and more remote workers mean legacy network security solutions won’t work. Businesses need SaaS security to ensure fast, secure, reliable access to cloud-based applica- tions and data and in turn, reduce business risk, build trust, and drive innovation.” “Customers only want to do business with companies they trust, especially in our digital economy”